The Lab Outlook 2024

We reflect on the cultural moments of 2023 to determine how they are shaping Aussies in 2024

Slower, Surer, Stronger

We examine the highest growing Australian values in 2023 and the opportunities these hold for brands.

AI’s Cultural Crossroads with Professor Matt Kuperholz

The Lab presents a captivating exploration into the awe-inspiring power of AI. The discussion delved into the intricate interplay of risks and rewards, while also unveiling fascinating insights into Australians’ attitudes towards this rapidly developing technology.

Forces of Good

We examine what truly matters to Australian consumers when it comes to “good’ and how brands can improve engagement.

5 Futures for Australia

We asked five fantastic Australian minds what single word they would use to describe Australia’s future.

The Age of Empathy

See how the seemingly gentle value of Empathy is igniting powerful change.