What is The Good Life?

September 29, 2015


69% of people believe that achievement now comes from mastering the simple things in life, such as home, health and relationships.

In a world that demands so much from us, we’ve seen a return to mastering things within our reach, within our capacity - the simple things in life.

This sees a reverse in Maslow’s hierarchy, where the essentials, our physiology, safety and a sense of love and belonging, become the things that most represent a sense of personal achievement and accomplishment, and are lauded by others.

(The Lab Report, p.134)

This is an excerpt from The Lab Report, the result of a six-month intensive qualitative and quantitative research process. The report provides influential and disruptive ways for brands to think about their consumer, their category, and their role in today’s society.

After this excerpt, we go on to talk about how brands can speak to this resurgence of the simple life.

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