We're speaking at the 2014 ESOMAR Congress!

April 15, 2014

The Lab is thrilled to be presenting at the 2014 ESOMAR Congress this September! With over 200 applications from over the globe, we're proud to be invited to speak at the congress in Nice, France.

For 'Insights Without Interview' section of the program, which focuses on what insights can be gleaned from signs and symbols to devices and data, The Lab will be presenting a thought piece on how we resolved the complexities of Cricket Australia's brand architecture through semiotic and cultural analysis. Howzat!

Presentation abstract - 

Managing the complexities of brand architecture has never been more challenging.

Product commoditisation and competitive intensification has heightened the importance of building deep brand connection with target audiences. Whilst market fragmentation, channel proliferation, rapid product innovation and budgetary pressures, has made organising brands with coherent and effective brand portfolio structures more difficult. 

Our presentation demonstrates, using Cricket Australia as the case study, how a mixed methodological approach to research, anchored in semiotic and cultural analysis, can assist organisations with seemingly dissimilar target audiences and product offerings in constructing a meaningful unified master brand position with powerfully targeted sub brands.

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