We're heading to New Orleans!

September 6, 2016

For the 3rd year running, The Lab has been nominated to speak at the world ESOMAR CONGRESS in New Orleans in September.

In a joint submission with Alastair Liptrot, Marketing Manager - Insights at Simplot, our paper explores the use of Virtual Reality (VR) to bring marketers closer to their consumer base.

It details the research opportunities afforded to us through the use of VR technology, and the ability of using VR to ‘enter’ into the world of the consumer.

From a research perspective, VR could be a game changer. It doesn’t take much to think about the implications for something like ethnographic research.

And with technology like Google Cardboard, it doesn’t have to be ultra expensive either. New cameras are being released all the time as manufacturers and software developers continually improve their technology and functionality.

Image via Samsung

In our case, we used VR as both a research and output tool.

Rather than creating a debrief from a project, we created, with Simplot, Google Cardboard videos of different consumers. In their own homes, bringing to life their kitchens and how they cooked. 

We then presented these videos to groups of stakeholders, who used Google Cardboard to peruse through the consumers’ homes, all at their own pace and with the ability to navigate to their own interests. 

The real power of VR, as sexy as it is, is that it liberates the research process and brings people who couldn’t be there into it. It begins to change the role of the researcher too, into a more collaborative and observational role.

We anticipate that we have just begun scratching the surface with this technology & methodology.  

A big thank you must go to Simplot who pushed to create the idea and backed the process. As well as the team at The Lab who tinkered away with the technology, software and Google Cardboard to make it all work.

A real team effort.