The State of Brand: The Middle Path

November 2, 2018

You know when you see someone perform live, and they not only live up to the hype, but absolutely smash it out of the park and leave you with a feeling of wonderment and a little bit of jealousy as you wonder why you’re not that brilliant?

No? Maybe it's just me...

That was my experience watching Mark Ritson talk last night at our inaugural The State of Brand event. The State of Brand is a series of events created by The Lab and The Contenders to open a conversation about brands, their place in the world right now, and how marketers can continue to build strong brands in Australia today.


Outside of the fact he is a brilliant orator, his ability to communicate complex ideas simply, combined with unparalleled marketing expertise and unshakeable confidence, is a heady mix. It made for a rollercoaster ride of (marketing related) entertainment, as we laughed and sighed through Mark’s take on brand and brand planning in Australia.

Mark’s talk signalled a departure from his well-trodden path around media and digital first strategy, into a deep dive into the brand challenges facing marketers in 2019. He left us with four critical new ways to think about brand, and ultimately that marketers should often be finding the middle path.

Whilst his recent spats with Byron Sharp are well documented, he struck an almost conciliatory tone, admitting that whilst he was more right than Byron around the role of targeting versus mass media, there was a case for a little bit of both.

He also revealed what he expects to be the most popular chart in 2019 – Field and Binay’s long wavelength brand approach combined with short term planning. Mark fully expects their hugely important legacy of work to make a full resurgence in the coming years. 

Thanks Mark, for standing up for the middle ground. For pushing back on the idealogues and championing depolarisation.  And thanks for making our first episode of The State of Brand such a success.

To learn more about The State of Brand & Mark’s view on the future of marketing strategy in 2019, contact Andrew Therkelsen.