Wrapping up the 4th Big Picture Event

August 25, 2015

Thanks to everyone who attended our Big Picture Event this year, all around the theme of discovery - we hope you had a fun, thought-provoking time!


Our research for The Lab Report highlighted that people are feeling stretched and uncertain about life today and where they're going.

In a world where everything is at our fingertips, choice is abundant. But it has had a big impact on how we find, explore and discover.

Our 3 speakers, in three different rooms, discussed their approaches to discovery in this climate.  Take a look at our event video to relive the night...


    One approach to discovery these days is through focusing not on what others have discovered, but on what I discover myself – where everything external is known, we turn inwards. Emily (THE PHILOSOPHER) approached this topic in demonstrating the pain and necessity of risk and learning on a personal and organizational level, and exploring the value of unexpected conversations and intimacy.

    Brands ought to consider, if nothing is really “new” anymore, then engaging deeper in ideas and culture can provide an endless avenue of knowledge for consumers – how can brands tap into the history, ancestry and heritage of their brand, of their consumer, or of culture itself? In such a climate, investing in grand narratives and historical ideas is becoming evermore appealing.

    As an example: look at how National Geographic is turning from external exploration to The Genographic Project, mapping ‘The Human Story’.


    Another emerging narrative of discovery is all about bringing back the magic. Where everything is known and expected, we’re craving a return to the randomness, the serendipity, the surprise of the unknown and the intangible.

    Sam (THE ALCHEMIST) spoke about this through her background as a sensory branding specialist, demonstrating the joy of the one sense we know the least about and think about the least, but that has a great influence over how we think and behave. Brands can learn from this by bringing narratives of wonder, spontaneity and potentially whimsy into their brand.

    As an example: look at the rise of surprise subscription services such as Bella Box, a mystery delivery of beauty products sent out once a month.


    Discovery can also be found through embracing discomfort. Brie (THE VOYAGER) spoke about this from the perspective of an urban explorer, from being arrested in Berlin to camping out at Chernobyl and venturing into all manner of abandoned places in search of their hidden stories.

    For brands, the takeout here is in heroing the idea of hard work, waiting for something, or making life a bit ‘harder’ to get the ultimate reward. Doing things the long way or showing an openness to failure.

    As an extreme example: look at how the National Gallery of Australia conducted naked tours of James Turrell’s ‘A Retrospective’ exhibition

Discovery is just one of the three themes we uncovered through our six month intensive qualitative and quantitative research process building The Lab Report. This report provides influential and disruptive ways for brands to think about their consumer, their category, and their role in today’s society. Get in touch with us to talk about presentations, workshops and activation strategies tailored to you and your team. 

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