The Lab, the Australian Way

January 13, 2014

This year our Christmas celebrations took a turn for the adventurous. Following up from a year of building our cultural understanding of what Australianness truly means (and if you haven’t seen it, check out our semiotic square, we’re proud to say we think it rocks) our Christmas party followed in the footsteps.  We headed to the High Country, to the land of The Man from Snowy River. An iconic poem, an iconic film, and one amazing horseback jump (tempted as we were, no-one attempted!)

Two days, 12 people, 12 horses and a whole lot of torrential rain. There were poetry recitals, guitar solos, one fall off the back of a horse, and the requisite log fire. We’ll say less about the kitchen disco and pantry party!

Whilst the rain made it more akin to a wet weekend in Yorkshire than the High Country in Summer, the views, the country and the ride was no less spectacular. We feel truly blessed to be from such a beautiful country. 

But as pictures paint the story of a thousand words, here is our journey (along with some excellent wet weather gear!)