The Lab - Global Finalist for the 2015 ESOMAR Research Effectiveness awards!

August 21, 2015

Building on our submission with Simplot Australia in 2014, this is the 2nd consecutive year Nature and The Lab have made the final of this award, which showcases the industry’s best in demonstrating the tangible impact of market research.

This year’s entry is entitled "Driving Success Through Big Data Segmentation: How segmentation has shaped GE Capital’s consumer business in Australia today”.

The GFC posed an enormous challenge to GE Capital’s consumer business in Australia given the seismic shift driven in consumer mindsets in relation to finance, credit and debt. To chart a course for success post-GFC, Nature and The Lab developed a big-data segmentation for GE in order to drive strategy, fine-tune the CVP of 10 products, drive uplift in marketing and sales effectiveness through needs-aligned campaigns, and act as a catalyst for cultural transformation.

To enable this, the segmentation was to reside on the various CRM databases used by GE. This case study demonstrates the overwhelming success of a study that has lasting effects on GE Capital in Australia.

A precis of the study can be found at

We're proud to have been nominated, and looking forward to the results in September!

The Lab