Technology we're keeping an eye on

March 3, 2016

Our Head of Digital Strategy, Mik, has compiled a list of his favourite new technologies emerging in 2016 to try getting your hands on.  

#1 - The Apple Pencil 

For all iPad owners this one has been much anticipated, a potential game changer for artists and wannabe artists alike. 

The Apple Pencil is an amazing tool that gives the user supreme control over their design. This is also really intriguing for speeding up the review and feedback process on documents. So, for anyone who hates the Microsoft Word Mark Up feature, such as myself, this could be a huge success. 

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#2 – Oculus - Virtual Reality Gaming

2016 is the year virtual reality devices are slated to hit the mainstream gaming market.  

The technology is ready to arrive in early 2016 and the development of gaming apps is on the way. There is a decent barrier at the moment with consumers requiring a powerful PC to run the VR apps. So, while this is exciting news for VR gaming at home, it will be slow and steady for 2016.

However, VR is already here, so if you are after a true virtual reality gaming experience as soon as possible, check this out. 

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#3 – Amazon & Apple – Blue Shade & Night Shift

Both companies have gone a long way to allowing us to remove the blue tones from our screens when we use them before bed time, all in the interest of a better nights sleep.  

As research strongly indicates, this influence of blue light (such as that from our iPad or iPhone), can disrupt our circadian rhythm. If, like me, you always check Twitter that one last time before you sleep, you will be happy to know there is some innovation and relief coming our way to help us get to sleep faster.

Check out Night Shift here.

#4 – Awair - Bitfinder’s Smart Air Monitor 

In keeping with the theme of getting a great nights sleep, I am excited to look into the Awair from Bitfinder

An alarm clock and air monitor that can test the quality of your homes air and suggest ways to improve it. The device is able to link easily with your smartphone and it will send you notifications. So, whether you are going to sleep peacefully, or even trying to be at your most productive while working, the air we breathe makes a huge difference. 

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#5 – Logbar - Ring

An exciting device that is able to capture hand gestures and give us control over a variety of tech devices in our houses. 

Aided by the advancements in the internet of things, ‘Ring’ will allow us to control our smart TV, answer our phone, and even turn on the oven.

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#6 – Pacifi-I

This may not interest everyone however being a new uncle I couldn’t resist!

A new baby’s pacifier that can do the job of multiple different devices in one. It can monitor the baby’s temperature, update and provide alters on medication, track proximity and a raft of other more gimmicky tools. The Pacif-I is refined and shows that nothing, or no one, is off limits when it comes to wearables.

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