Tap King – Creating Experiences In Home

August 19, 2013


Source: Australian Brews News

As a marketer our minds are always on. So it is not that you see an ad on television and genuinely think that would be perfect for my friends and I, without breaking down the tone, message and grand idea behind the brand and or product.

I had the pleasure of introducing Tap King to my friendship group; a discerning and diverse group of plumbers, electricians, and accountants.  After some gentle words of persuasion at our local bottle’o, I had convinced one of the most stubborn men upon this planet to give it a go.

Creating product ambassadors one beer at a time

After following the easy, almost idiot-proof, setup process, I watched as my friends swirled their first freshly poured tap beer around like a Margaret River Red. I witnessed something you dream of in marketing…7product ambassadors were born in an instant. They continued to spread the word for the rest of the night out. Anyone and everyone who was happy to lend an ear were lectured on the glory of the Tap King.

Revealing behind the bar

Understanding why this happened was relatively simple. Not only was the product meeting, and even surpassing expectations, the experience provided was the key to creating excitement. The next evolution of beer cap trivia has arrived - being able to generate a more involved experience when sharing a few pots with friends will surely be what drives the success of the Tap King.

Brands with a near perfect product can still fall through the gaps if there is a lack of experience surrounding its use. The journey is often more important than the destination, and at least from my sample Tap King has nailed it.