Short Bite #2: ESOMAR 2016 World Research Congress

October 20, 2016

Recently we attended & spoke at ESOMAR World Research Congress. 

Today, we bring to you our second article in the Short Bites series! 


One of the more impressive ideas we saw at ESOMAR was from Unilever, showing how they had created a food truck, to drive selling Mexican food. 

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They had a core menu, which they tinkered with and evolved, for different people and different locations. All with the intention to develop new products for the grocery channel.

It’s an example of research taking many new forms.

Firstly, it is a story about the convergence between sales, product development, communications and research. The truck sold product, and also evolved the menu as it went around. It did cost quite a bit (by all reports), but it also generated revenue to offset the investment.

It is also an example of the industry ‘loosening the tie’ on experiments, and instead seeing how people react in real world scenarios, rather than asking questions in false environments.

This is something that can be easily applied online (AB style), but it can also be applied in more physical locations. As a team, we have been talking about pop ups, market stalls and other forms of informal research, as we look to new methodologies to gather insights, and this is one that we found particularly interesting.

If you’d like to find out any more about the comings and goings of what we heard and saw at ESOMAR 2016, please get in touch

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