Millenials taking matters into their own hands

May 2, 2013

They played a major role in Obama’s run to victory in the '08 and '12 election victories. They are also making a splash in the way people are transitioning into the workforce.

In the US, there has been a 300% increase in graduates who are predisposed to starting their own organisations and businesses. With 15% now considering it as an option directly from university.

Closer to home we hear a similar sentiment from young adults. Recent research has reveled to us that young adults are conflicted in their need to express themselves yet earn some ‘coin’.

It’s well documented that young adults are putting off commitment, but these startling numbers suggest to us that the notion of ‘doing their own thing’ feels like much more of a possibility than ever before.

Fast Company editor Robert Safian coined the term Generation Flux, for this chaotic era of change. In his article, he theorises that new companies are at an advantage like never before because of technologies and the ability to be more agile and nimble, as opposed to disciplined and efficient.

Even the head of the US Army is embracing the attitude. General Stanley McChrystal ran Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly five years, and later commanded all U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan

In an interview, General McChrystal spoke about the notion of working differently because of the different context he was working in and the nature of his team.

"We grew up in the military with this [classic hierarchy]: one person at the top, with two to seven subordinates below that, and two to seven below that, and so on. That's what organisational theory says works," he explains.

"However we had to change our structure, to become a network. We were required to react quickly. Instead of decisions being made by people who were more senior--the assumption that senior meant wiser--we found that the wisest decisions were usually made by those closest to the problem."

It’s this kind of thinking that millennials are bringing into the workplace and how they are tackling their lives in general. 

Brands who can help them make the leap and feel like they are tracking in the direction of their dreams will be on the mark.