It’s all part of the process…

January 14, 2014

The last few years have seen us change the way we approach brands. With evermore conscious and savvy consumers, and increasing levels of information available, we’ve seen a shift in how we collectively value brands. We have moved from the resonance of the brand story to the world of the product story. It is no longer good enough to talk differently, we need to BE different. To eat, think, breathe, and live differently in order to promote an authentic brand.

An exciting way that this is coming to life is in the product development focus of many companies. Innovation is king; small changes and incremental shifts no longer cut it. Which is why the recently ad from Preshafruit excites us:

It is less about the ad itself, which some would argue is not significantly groundbreaking in style, but more about a brand taking a new technology, and actually investing the time and money in conducting the education needed for it to take off. This year, we think it’ll be key to take a leaf out of their book, and start to build the stories behind innovations that matter.

Simple, effective and, in our minds, ready to change the way people perceive how products are processed and created.

Feel the Presha!


Image source: Preshafood (