'In your stride' to 'in the know'

May 8, 2013

Heineken has recently launched their latest spot, which is a slight twist on the recent campaign, but with a deft change.

Of late, we have been wowed by the all singing, all dancing lead man who can handle it all in his stride, set in swinging parties in salacious locations.

This time around, our lead men walk into an underground bar.  Once they order the Heini – ‘the switch’ occurs.  From a forlorn den of destitute, to a happening and sauvé bar.

A switch in more ways than one

Whilst a physical switch is evident, there is also a less tangible change in the campaign, which we think is just as important. This change taps into the idea of ‘knowledge’ and manifests in two ways.

Firstly, the barman, a wiley cat.  The man who almost literally ‘pulls the strings’. The guy who knows how to make it all happen. 

Then there is the lead man – designer stubble and all, who brings his mates to a place that you need to know about. It’s clear that he is in the know, that he is the one leading the foray into the evening.

The little bar out back has long been a place where cred is created or flounders. Culturally, we see this notion of ‘being in the know’ emerge more strongly when others aren’t holding more credence of late. People have such busy days that they don’t even really think about things, to the exhaustion of living in a world where everyone knows everything about all their mates (and in real time). Hence, the discovery and reveal of something new is a small ode to adventurousness, individuality and importantly for a premium beer – discernment.

This is a great example of how campaigns can evolve, whilst maintaining their integrity.