Colin Kaepernick: What Nike, Wieden+Kennedy and we all missed out on

September 14, 2018

Image Source: Mumbrella

Last week, Labster Daniel delved deep into what's been happening with Nike lately, crafting an opinion piece article for Mumbrella. He details:

"Sports play an important role in our lives. At their best, they help build bridges between the stratum of our ever fracturing societies. Yet the marketisation of sports has fundamentally compromised what sports can and should be..

In a perfect world, all sporting institutions would be run like B-Corporations or Public Benefit Corporations (in the U.S) with their fans and the broader community’s interests always at the core of decision making.

However, in reality, the marketisation of sport is here to stay. Sponsorships dollars have become important in a competitive and cluttered marketplace, and amongst a variety of sponsors are sporting apparel brands – one of which is market leader Nike."

Some great thoughts to get us all thinking!

Take a read of the article on Mumbrella.

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