The Lab's Big Picture session - Australianness and Identity

April 28, 2013

The Lab recently hosted the first of its big picture sessions - "Australianness & Identity” – with guest, 3-time Archibald Prize winner, Vincent Fantauzzo.

30 days 30 portraits by Vincent Fantauzzo

The event was held at RMIT's 'Project Space', and showcased the highly acclaimed ’30 Portraits 30 Days’ work of Vincent Fantauzzo.

We had the pleasure of hearing from Vincent in what was an entertaining, charming and insightful look at his work, as well as a reflection on inspiring stories of some the Australians he painted, including Bob Hawke, Baz Luhrmann and Asher Keddie.

Our Egalitarianism Ideal

Vincent's presentation was the perfect backdrop to The Lab's cultural thought piece which explored the big question - "What is Australianness?”. Neale Cotton explained, despite the complexity of Australianness and hybrid nature of our identities, Australians still share a dominant ideal of egalitarianism; an ideal that has been formed throughout our history and is still ingrained in many facets of our everyday - from the way we speak, to our love for the underdog and disdain for the tall poppy.

The Lab's "Australian Leveling Construct"

Importantly, it was highlighted that the notion of egalitarianism in Australia is being challenged now more so than ever, which presents a unique opportunity for brands. Neale introduced the "Australian Levelling Construct" as a tool to help brand managers leverage this opportunity.

For a deeper look at the “Australian Leveling Construct” please have a read of our thought piece.